"...Nice contrasts of mood and pace. This young local guy is the soul of unassuming taste."
— Gordon Spencer, Milwaukee Magazine

"Tim could be nationally famous. He's a real two-handed pianist with a thorough knowledge of the history and evolution of the music. A superb performance; this one knocked me out!"
— Michael Coonan, Borders, Fox Point, WI

"Solo piano. Local guy. Clean, crisp, clear. Bluesy. Jazzy; Played with such sincere hope that it will lift your spirits."
— Tim Cowling, Shepherd Express

"Clausen's nimble and sensitive playing is rooted in jazz improvisation and pop music of an earlier era; he brings an empathetic ear to the material."
— Dave Luhrssen, Shepherd Express

"Tim Clausen has served as chief officer of the Erroll Garner society as well as promoted the music of overlooked piano giants such as Dave Catney, assuring that his own music reflects the living, vital tradition extending from the present back to Fats Waller and James P. Johnson. But Tim is also a self-taught pianist who has on his own solved some of the biggest challenges confronting every pianist, such as the activity of the left-hand during up-tempo numbers that don't employ a bass player. Consequently, he is a player who not only reflects the tradition but does so in an original, unique and highly personal manner. He's an artist, moreover, who might be said to be autonomous, or "self-contained," requiring neither an over-powered rhythm section nor electronic gear of any sort to produce effective, satisfying and complete performances that are polished yet extemporaneous and "in the moment." Finally, his impeccable taste and choice of repertory, along with his unapologetic approach to melody and emphasis on that endangered style, or sensibility, called "swing," cannot help but reach audiences across a broad spectrum of generations and musical preferences."
— Sam Chell, Editor, All About Jazz

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